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In Which I Visit The Isle of My Fave Misfit Heroes

Kid Eternity – He calls dead (and sometimes mythical)  figures from the past to battle crime. Hangs out with a ghost named Mr. Keeper. Actually brought a just-killed reporter back to finish a story and imprison a criminal. Wow. Hoppy The Marvel Bunny – Becomes the World’s Mightiest Cottontail when he says the magic word, Shazam! (I could probably do 25 lists just on the extended Marvel Family, like the Lieutenant Marvels, but Hoppy will suffice for now.) Isis – She had an amazing array of…

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In Which My Night Is Interrupted

Oh shit … I feel that clenched sensation in my neck. Stay calm. On the tipping point of a bad headache – first in months.  Sinus spray. Motrin and Excedrin. Spot vibrator plugged in. Nothing’s working. Breathing slowly until I almost see purplish bars behind my eyes that are probably hyperactive nerve endings. It’s 1:09 am. I am wide awake. My head pulses with that buried dull pain. Scalding hot shower. Blissful few minutes of painlessness. Pain blooms above eyebrow again. Vibrator to the temples and…

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In Which I Search For My Lost Downward Dog, Part I

I didn’t expect to fall so hard in love with hot yoga, but there you are. I start drinking coffee at 4:30 am to make it to 6am class. This is love at its purest and most caffeinated. This is my 3/4ths of my excuse for going to bed at 9. The other 1/4 is NOT because I’m the same age my dad was when I started calling him an “antique.” I’m not sure a comfort zone exists where I would come to class in just my…

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In Which I Think Saturday Thoughts

Both neighbors have garage sales going on today.  Odd. I would go look at their stuff, but we don’t really know them. My first real interaction shouldn’t be buying crap they want to get rid of. Someone is considering buying that framed bunch of candy wrappers. OK, I don’t need to see any more of their stuff. First bike ride of the year – short but deliciously warm. I wonder if I can go all weekend without driving?  I can get to yoga, but getting…

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In Which I Confess My Guiltiest Pleasures …

Men Without Hats’ first album. “Safety Dance” is awesome, but there’s a whole lot of fun stuff on that LP. Naked and Afraid. I would never in one trillion years go on that show, but I can binge watch it like crazy. I lost entire weekends last year to Naked and Afraid XL. Thongor books. I don’t know which I love more … Lin Carter’s barbarian hero, or the completely homoerotic descriptions of his body. Wait –  yes, I do know which I love more. Facebook hate.…

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In Which I Wonder Why Humans Are So Dumb – by Grits the Cat

I am only clawing this carpeted post because you are watching. And because it pleases me to make you think I am enjoying some store-bought pet thing and not your leather-upholstered couch, which I will get to the minute you start watching Judge Judy. Yelling at me only makes me want to scratch the leather-upholstered couch in direct proportion to how loud you yell. You don’t need to know how hungry I actually am. Just put it in the bowl and walk away slowly. You don’t…

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In Which I Voyage Through My Atlas of Stevie Nicks

“Sara” reminds me of our 2-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, staring out the metal framed windows on rainy afternoons waiting for Dad to come home. “Wild Heart” brings back the tiny loft apartment I stayed in one summer home from college, where I had no over or stove only a hot plate. “If Anyone Falls”  reminds me of the burnt orange shag carpet in the living room, where I watched USA’s “Night Flight” for videos, since we didn’t have MTV. “Sometimes It’s A Bitch” brings back the…

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In Which I Ponder About Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have always been one of my top three favorite things. I will see almost anything with dinosaurs. This means I sit through a lot of bad movies and TV shows. The first book I wrote (age 5) was simply 10-notebook pages stapled together composed of pretty much word-for-word plagiarism of the dinosaur entries from the Childcraft Encyclopedia. I apologize for my part in the extinction of encyclopedias. Dinosaurs are now our gasoline. This makes me sad, that I am making exhaust out of a triceratops. On the…

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In Which I Think About Doctor Who

My first Doctor was Tom Baker. I watched episodes on PBS and my eighth-grade self was stunned that the lead character on a TV show could  be replaced by another actor. Clearly, I had forgotten Darren Stephens. My favorite Doctor is Five, but in the Big Finish audios, it tends to be Six. I loved Five and his crew. As my parents’ marriage fell apart during my teen years the Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric became my escape family. If I had the TARDIS for one day,…

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To Boldly Blog Where Lots Of Blogs Have Blogged Before …

Things I Think About When Reading Old School Star Trek Books If  outer space doesn’t look like these 1970’s painted covers, I’m not sure I’m interested in going. I like the idea of being a “friend of Star Trek” even more than being a fan. Being a Trekkie in the 70s WAS like being in a fun, friendly cult. Without all the Kool-Aid and going clear. I was always a Trekkie, not a Trekker, much to the dismay of my Trekker friends. It felt like Trekkies were so…

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