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In Which I Visit The Isle of My Fave Misfit Heroes

Kid Eternity – He calls dead (and sometimes mythical)  figures from the past to battle crime. Hangs out with a ghost named Mr. Keeper. Actually brought a just-killed reporter back to finish a story and imprison a criminal. Wow. Hoppy The Marvel Bunny – Becomes the World’s Mightiest Cottontail when he says the magic word, Shazam! (I could probably do 25 lists just on the extended Marvel Family, like the Lieutenant Marvels, but Hoppy will suffice for now.) Isis – She had an amazing array of…

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A Roll of the Dice

Now, my momma always told me, “If you can’t say something nice … come sit next to me.” No, no no, that was Claree in Steel Magnolias. I try not to be too snarky online, because A) everyone already is and B) once it’s online, it is forever. However, my recent foray back into the world of role-playing games left me wielding a +3 Sword of Biting Snarkiness …

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A tad silly - but not unmanly!

I don’t have the wings and I wonder why

I tend to stay away from reviews of any kind on my blog. I mean – I don’t mind MY work being reviewed, but I still want to work in this town (whichever town I’m in!) so I shy away from saying things that are too fannish or critical. However –  there’s something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that simply needs to be addressed – Where the heck are Cap’s helmet wings?

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“Swift and powerful monarch of the seas!”

I bought my first comic on my iPad2 today. To any of my friends, it will come as no surprise which one it is …. What’s my verdict? Well … The art was gorgeous. Really great linework and detail. The story is okay … like much of the New 52 DC launch, it’s pretty slow-paced, allowing time for set-up. The thing is … we don’t have that much time. In 22 pages (and at 2.99) I need to be sold quick. And not just me…

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