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In Which My Night Is Interrupted

Oh shit … I feel that clenched sensation in my neck. Stay calm. On the tipping point of a bad headache – first in months.  Sinus spray. Motrin and Excedrin. Spot vibrator plugged in. Nothing’s working. Breathing slowly until I almost see purplish bars behind my eyes that are probably hyperactive nerve endings. It’s 1:09 am. I am wide awake. My head pulses with that buried dull pain. Scalding hot shower. Blissful few minutes of painlessness. Pain blooms above eyebrow again. Vibrator to the temples and…

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How rugby and Carrie Underwood brought me back to life

Six months ago, my appendix burst. This was one of the most excruciating things I’ve ever felt, and I do not recommend it. Still, I survived and I do recommend that. The recovery period was brutal. I am not the best patient under any circumstances, but this laid me out physically, emotionally and psychologically. There were moments I wondered if I really would make it back to health, or if this was the best I would ever be again. A fatalistic thought, to be sure…

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It Is What It Is

The main reason I want some clone body technology, is to avoid ever spending another minute in an emergency room. Fixing problems like broken bones, lacerations, pneumonia and death, I feel should be as easy as replacing the batteries in my wireless mouse. Click and re-connect, please. In reality, I am sort of amazed at everything to do with hospitals. I can’t imagine the mental and emotional walls you’d have to erect to deal with the suffering and sheer magnitude of the millions of ways…

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Enter Sandman

For years, I’ve suffered from pretty intense headaches. Usually behind one eye or the other and they lasted for hours until I could sleep it off. Generally the only thing that ever helped was an extremely hot shower, and even that only helped temporarily unless I could fall asleep quickly enough. Last year, at a comic convention, I started seeing circles of light in my eyes. The interwebs quickly told me this is ofter a precursor to the worst kind of migraine, so I enjoyed…

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Head Over Achille’s Heel

It’s St. Paddy’s Day – and begorrah, I’m hoping for some luck o’ the Irish to  be rubbing my way as I begin taking steroids! No, NOT that kind of steroids. I finally went to a podiatrist. I’d just incorporated the word “orthotics” into my daily life (which – ugh, just makes you sound old … the Depends are next, I reckon), and now I find out my tendon was nearly (and this is his word) shredded. Ow. The motorcycle landed on the side of…

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