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A Roll of the Dice

Now, my momma always told me, “If you can’t say something nice … come sit next to me.” No, no no, that was Claree in Steel Magnolias. I try not to be too snarky online, because A) everyone already is and B) once it’s online, it is forever. However, my recent foray back into the world of role-playing games left me wielding a +3 Sword of Biting Snarkiness …

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I Have Always Been A Storm …

Summer approaches … and that means, for me, it’s Stevie time. I’ve never been sure what made Stevie my particular diva. Certainly, Edge of Seventeen came right as I was on the edge of that age. MTV was in full force by the time Stand Back came out, and I twirled around on the harvest gold shag carpet of my parents’ living room, dreaming one day I would get out of North Carolina and be rich and famous, and have coffee with Stevie and talk…

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A tad silly - but not unmanly!

I don’t have the wings and I wonder why

I tend to stay away from reviews of any kind on my blog. I mean – I don’t mind MY work being reviewed, but I still want to work in this town (whichever town I’m in!) so I shy away from saying things that are too fannish or critical. However –  there’s something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that simply needs to be addressed – Where the heck are Cap’s helmet wings?

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How rugby and Carrie Underwood brought me back to life

Six months ago, my appendix burst. This was one of the most excruciating things I’ve ever felt, and I do not recommend it. Still, I survived and I do recommend that. The recovery period was brutal. I am not the best patient under any circumstances, but this laid me out physically, emotionally and psychologically. There were moments I wondered if I really would make it back to health, or if this was the best I would ever be again. A fatalistic thought, to be sure…

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