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Year of the Dragon Razor

Happy Year of the Dragon! And it’s Kung Fuesday, to boot. So let’s see what’s up … Still in the throes of my writing project, which I have titled Project: Americano. Why? Well, it sounds good, and I’ve been working on it each day at lunch. I order an Americano, and that breezes me through 3-4 pages during my lunch hour. Less if the lady with glitter in her hair gets to the counter before me and orders five drinks. My foot is almost able…

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“Surely, ‘the best of times’?”

So, in a week where a new generation’s Spock comes out of the closet (and bravo, Mr. Quinto! Welcome aboard!) my mom sends me a totally awesome birthday card: What makes it awesome, you have to understand, is that my obsession with Star Trek was partly fueled by the fact Mom thought I was wasting time watching such a “silly TV program.” Sci-fi has simply never been her thing. She was far more into sitcoms and prime-time soap operas like Dallas (and now pro wrestling,…

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In Which I Get Red-Shirted …

So, many eons ago (or Yesteryear, if you have access to the Guardian of Forever) I worked for the design company doing designs for Star Trek trading cards and the Original Series Collectible Card Game. In the development process, we came across images of crewmen extras who weren’t credited as having names in the show. But we couldn’t put “Ensign Joe” on the cards. So, to be fair, we threw employees of our company, Fleer/Skybox and Viacom into a drawing and would pick random names…

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Hailing Frequencies Open, Part II

Another radio interview posted online, from Barry Morgan at CJAD. Thanks Barry! I have had such a great time talking to people, not just about the book, but about Trek in general. I know some people have problems talking on radio or TV. Self-absorbed ham that I am, I have NEVER had that problem. So all these interviews have been so much fun. I hope I do get to revisit with a lot of these people with another project, Trek-related or not, again.  

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