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The Salmon Mousse

“It’s a Mister Death or something.” Heartbreakingly, my dad (gone just over a year now) warned me there would come a day when I was old enough to spend more time going to funerals than weddings. Two people I know – it may be romanticizing to call them friends, perhaps – but people I knew, worked with, partied with – both gone within the space of a week. It is enough to make you climb back in bed and pull the covers over your head.

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So many burdens …

Yes, like every other gay guy who came of age in the 80s, I, too, am affected by Whitney’s death. My diva has, and always will be Stevie, but Whitney’s songs covered the gamut of my real romantic life. Stevie is there when you need vague lyrics about architecture (truly, she does sing about hallways and buildings a lot), but Whitney sings about finding the credit card receipts for two peoples’ meal that her man left around after he supposedly bought grub for all 6…

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