The Costumed Adventurers in “Picking The Scabs!”

Ahhh! It’s not a Dallas or Wonder Woman recap! What is going on? I started writing about the Costumed Adventurers in college. They were called the Hero Brigade then, and EVERY! SENTENCE! ENDED! WITH! AN! EXCLAMATION! MARK! Gimmicks. They’re exhausting. I think about 10 years ago, I dusted them off, got rid of the INSANELY […]

My 10 Favorite Things at ComiCon This Year

After 20 or so years of going to ComiCon, it is easy to get a little jaded. I fear that happened to me over the last few years, so this time, I made the effort to see things with fresh eyes and have a better attitude. Thus, I have 10 things I found delightful (in […]

In Which I Visit The Isle of My Fave Misfit Heroes

Kid Eternity – He calls dead (and sometimes mythical)  figures from the past to battle crime. Hangs out with a ghost named Mr. Keeper. Actually brought a just-killed reporter back to finish a story and imprison a criminal. Wow. Hoppy The Marvel Bunny – Becomes the World’s Mightiest Cottontail when he says the magic word, Shazam! […]

A Roll of the Dice

Now, my momma always told me, “If you can’t say something nice … come sit next to me.” No, no no, that was Claree in Steel Magnolias. I try not to be too snarky online, because A) everyone already is and B) once it’s online, it is forever. However, my recent foray back into the […]

I don’t have the wings and I wonder why

I tend to stay away from reviews of any kind on my blog. I mean – I don’t mind MY work being reviewed, but I still want to work in this town (whichever town I’m in!) so I shy away from saying things that are too fannish or critical. However –  there’s something in the Marvel Cinematic […]

THIS is why I read comics …

The letters pages! Sadly, comics don’t do that anymore. But in the 60s and 70s, you got questions (and answers!) like this:   God, I miss the Silver and Bronze Age!

“Swift and powerful monarch of the seas!”

I bought my first comic on my iPad2 today. To any of my friends, it will come as no surprise which one it is …. What’s my verdict? Well … The art was gorgeous. Really great linework and detail. The story is okay … like much of the New 52 DC launch, it’s pretty slow-paced, […]