My Little Pegasus

Okay … I’ve never been one for yard art. I mean, if I was fabulously wealthy (I mean, when I become fabulously wealthy) and my sculpted gate painted to look like a TARDIS needs two cave trolls to open it … then I’m going to have a yard worthy of some yard art. Luckily, I’ve […]

Another day at the office …

My foot continues to slowly heal. It is very aggravating to not be able to go to the gym or even walk without das boot. Still, after three weeks, I can tell it’s getting better. And, it IS Kung Fuesday. I discovered this guy’s YouTube channel through io9. Sardonicus 1313 certainly has similar taste in […]

Year of the Dragon Razor

Happy Year of the Dragon! And it’s Kung Fuesday, to boot. So let’s see what’s up … Still in the throes of my writing project, which I have titled Project: Americano. Why? Well, it sounds good, and I’ve been working on it each day at lunch. I order an Americano, and that breezes me through […]

“You … shall not … pass!”

Ahh, Kung Fuesday … perhaps my favorite day of the week! Today was pretty challenging. The internet was down all day at work. And I didn’t get much sleep, and during one radio interview, my phone cut out twice (thanks, AT&T :P) I’d missed kung fu the last two weeks – i was out of […]