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DALLAS – Season 1, Episode 5: “Barbecue”

I miss the 70s and its version of athleisure wear. After the distasteful events of last week’s episode, this starts out much better, with Bobby jogging in some short 70s gym shorts that wouldn’t be out of place in an International Male catalog.  Then it goes south quickly. The caterers are setting up and there is a horrible display of tokenism, as Tilly tells “Mistuh’ Bobby” that she’s been catering these things for 12 years and nobody’s gone hungry yet. WOW, Dallas, you are killing…

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DALLAS – Season 1, Episode 4: “The Winds of Vengeance”

WARNING: This is one of my least favorite episodes. I read the novelized version of Season One, and the creepy humiliation of Sue Ellen still terrifies me. Even by 1970s standards this is exploitive and gross and I considered not recapping it, but Ray’s coat alone warranted some TV archaeology. Dear God. J.R. and Ray are in a cheap motel sleeping with some women they picked up in Waco. Ray wears a terrifying faux-Native American, gray and sunset-colored coat. I’m glad J.R. isn’t classist, but…

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