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Wonder Woman – Season One, Episode 13: “Bushwackers”

Ahhh, that title does NOT mean what you think it does. No mafiosos are attempting to kill any former presidents. A bushwacker is in fact, an outlaw who swore allegiance to neither side during the Civil War and united in bands to prey on both sides. So, who are the bushwackers in this episodes? The answer will NOT surprise you! Yeah … it’s this kid. This episode is the feel-good episode of all feel-good episodes. I think part of the problem with the first season…

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Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 1: “Pilot”

Even the logo is perfection. “In your satin tights/fighting for your rights and the old red white and blue …” Not that I wasn’t already glued to the TV screen when Wonder Woman debuted in 1975, but the theme song nailed me firmly in place there for the next three years. I’d cut my super hero teeth on Shazam and Isis, and reruns of Batman and Superman … but nobody ever got super heroes right for me (as the 11-year-old expert I was) like Wonder…

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