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Wonder Woman — Season One, Episode 6; “The Feminum Mystique, Part II”

After the build-up of last week’s introduction to Drusilla/Wonder Girl, this week, we dive right into the action as we wrap up “The Feminum Mystique, Part II!” Younger readers may not be aware of The Feminine Mystique, the 1963 book by Betty Friedan, which is recognized as helping kick off the second wave of feminism in America. So, there’s some learning for you in your weekly recap of 70s superheroics. “Why that’s the latitude and longitude of … Paradise Island!” Diana is worried about her…

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Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 5: “The Feminum Mystique)”

SQUEE! It’s time to recap the best Wonder Woman episode of the first season … and the TV introduction of one of my fave heroines ever, Wonder Girl! I came a little late to Wonder Girl. I was devouring Justice League of America comics and never knew about the Teen Titans until a back-up story in a 100-Page Giant of Superboy. From then on, like many kids, I was obsessed. The early 70s saw the Titans flirting with drab gray jumpsuits trying to be relevant,…

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