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Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 7: “Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua”

Ready for some damn, dirty apes? Or maybe just one?  It’s possibly the first season’s craziest episode … and we’ve already seen Wonder Woman win a beauty pageant! Strap into the invisible jet … we are heading to Africa to start this week’s Retro Recap! Dr. Zaius? The captions tell us we are in Nazi-held Africa and Wonder Woman is walking with a whistle around her neck. Sadly, it’s not a magic whistle from Paradise Island that makes you tell the truth or a feminum…

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Wonder Woman – Season One, Episode 3: “Fausta, The Wonder Woman”

Oh my! With her magic lasso and belt captured by Fausta, a Nazi who is NOT AT ALL a Wodner Woman as the title implies, it looks like Diana has no way out … and it’s Steve Trevor to the rescue! You can tell she’s evil because of the black cape. Fausta Grables, who she is happy to let you know is a 1936 Olympics winner, heads to a secret Nazi headquarters. I’m not really sure who they were being secretive from in Berlin ……

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Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 2: “Wonder Woman Meets Baroness von Gunther”

Oh, my! The first regular episode of Wonder Woman is a … bit of a letdown. With the new Not-General Blankenship, the completely unheralded introduction of Etta Candy and the strangest fight scene ever filmed while rolling down a hill, it would have been better if Diana had NEVER met Baroness von Gunther. “Oh, my invisible pearls!” We start at the War Department and Not-General Blankenship is worried. He’s so worried about Steve Trevor falling into a trap. Diana actually Cutches. Her. Pearls. (I’m assuming…

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