Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 12: “Formula 407”

Need some indestructible rubbers? I mean, rubber? Wonder Woman and Steve travel to Buenos Aires to help safely bring the formula for … BWAH HA HA! Why rubber? What on earth makes rubber the material that needs to be super strong? Is it for indestructible birth control? I know, I am a 13-year-old. But COME […]

Wonder Woman — Season 1, Episode 9: “The Last Of The Two Dollar Bills”

Plastic surgery, a school for learning American customs and counterfeiting money is this week’s Nazi plan to win the war. But my biggest problem with this episode is the poor characterization of Diana and Wonder Woman. And Steve. Heck, not even the extras or the villains are written or directed well. Still, this episode debuts […]

Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 7: “Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua”

Ready for some damn, dirty apes? Or maybe just one?  It’s possibly the first season’s craziest episode … and we’ve already seen Wonder Woman win a beauty pageant! Strap into the invisible jet … we are heading to Africa to start this week’s Retro Recap! The captions tell us we are in Nazi-held Africa and […]