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15 Days of ONJ – A Little More Love

Another one off of the Totally Hot album. While I liked “Deeper Than The Night” more when I was younger, this one grew on me. The no-win scenario is one we all faced (unless we’re Captain Kirk, of course) and I really love this song.   Guest starring … Manny the Manequin and Grits The Cat! This song really does kind of sum up our relationship with Grits. She does what she wants and gives zero fucks about us. Still, she is one of the…

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15 Days of ONJ! – Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)

I’m not sure why the first guy I was with insisted all gay guys have a diva. Perhaps in North Carolin in the early 80s, it was  some unwritten, but mandatory gay law. Having no clue what gay was supposed to be like at the age of 15, I spent hours in his mom’s apartment, listening to Barbra, smoking cigarettes and listening to him point out all that was great about her …

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