The Wisdom of Picard

The Wisdom of Picard

So, I’m not about to get into a debate of who’s the better captain (we all know it would have been Nog, eventually, but let’s sidestep that argument :)) I grew up with Original Series and I still love it (and all Star Trek) passionately. When TNG debuted, I had my doubts – like many […]

DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 11: “Triangle”

Captain’s Log, stardate 1212.78. We’ve detected some sort of temporal rift that could get us out of the Delta Quadrant. However, it looks as though the rift only opens into one point in space and time … an Earth bar known as the Mustang Club in the 1970s. Our historical records of the time show […]

Top Ten Reasons to Buy My New Book!

  After a year of work (well, a couple of months of crazy late nights, a lifetime of obsessive fandom and many many calls to my editor), Star Trek The Book of Lists came out in November. I’ve been swamped with other projects and the holidays, but I would be remiss to not do a […]

To Boldly Blog Where Lots Of Blogs Have Blogged Before …

Things I Think About When Reading Old School Star Trek Books If  outer space doesn’t look like these 1970’s painted covers, I’m not sure I’m interested in going. I like the idea of being a “friend of Star Trek” even more than being a fan. Being a Trekkie in the 70s WAS like being in a […]

Ahead warp nine!

It’s in! My newest Star Trek masterpiece – Star Trek: Enterprise! 30 pages of Enterprise facts and a cool light-up ship!

Publisher’s Weekly loves me!!

LOL, okay, they don’t namecheck me, but they do talk about my books … as well as my buddy Paul’s upcoming and current books. Check out this great article about the current Star Trek publishing trends!

In Good Company

Saw my STAR TREK: PHASER book at Barnes & Noble next to the Doctor Who and Superman books! So exciting! I’d love to do a mini-book kit for Who, so perhaps the licensed publishing gods will be kind!

All Our Yesterdays

It’s been such a year! I can’t begin to express my gratitude for all the awesome things that happened this year. And then some not so good things, too. All in all, a year. And even if I HAD an atavachron, I don’t think I’d go back and change anything.