urlI tend to stay away from reviews of any kind on my blog. I mean – I don’t mind MY work being reviewed, but I still want to work in this town (whichever town I’m in!) so I shy away from saying things that are too fannish or critical.

However –  there’s something in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that simply needs to be addressed – Where the heck are Cap’s helmet wings?

I mean – I get that not every type of super-hero outfit translates to the silver screen. But the wings, man! Iconic is the only word that describes it!

Otherwise – all the looks rocked. Especially Widow and Falcon!

Did they thing wings too unmanly (then pray a Sub-Mariner flick is NOT made) ?

Did the failed 90s version look unmanly? NO! It did not!

A tad silly - but not unmanly!
A tad silly – but not unmanly!

Even the REVISED Cap has wings in the comics – and he’s a bad-ass


Other than that … I loved this flick even more than Thor:The Dark World – and we all know how dreamy I think Thor is …

Come to think of it … Thor has wings, too. Is this a and we’ve yet to glory in that as well!

Is there a wingless conspiracy?????


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