So, many eons ago (or Yesteryear, if you have access to the Guardian of Forever) I worked for the design company doing designs for Star Trek trading cards and the Original Series Collectible Card Game.

In the development process, we came across images of crewmen extras who weren’t credited as having names in the show. But we couldn’t put “Ensign Joe” on the cards. So, to be fair, we threw employees of our company, Fleer/Skybox and Viacom into a drawing and would pick random names out and use them as “Lieutenant So-and-so “on the cards.

I’d just gotten my job at Viacom Consumer Products, the licensing arm of Paramount Pictures in those bygone days, when the design company and Fleer/Skybox needed some more extras. Lo and behold, through no tampering (temporal or otherwise) of my own … guess who ended up as a red-shirt:

"Look out, Captain! UGH!"

It was definitely a thrill to be immortalized in a card set … and funnier still to be a red-shirt!

I’d been telling someone at work about my work on the card games, Googled this and found it. LOL – I really really am Obsessed with Star Trek in a lot of ways!

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