I vant to be alone.

PEW PEW PEW –  it’s time for the obligatory haunted house episode of Logan’s Run –  and it looks like we have some vampiric outfits. Let’s dive right in, shall we?


The solar vehicle drives through a thunderstorm and the solar reserves are low. They have to stop and Jessica briefly sees people ahead on the road –  standing there getting wet in the rainThen they’re gone. At first the others don’t believe her, but then Logan sees them.

As they approach the people disappear. Logan holds a silver blanket over his head as he gets out to look for them. There’s no one there –  but now even REM has seen them. CREEPY!

Using the last of the solar reserves they drive away from the place they saw them, making the assumption ghosts can’t follow as fast as a solar vehicle.  They come up on a big mansion and I’m guessing the City of Domes had no horror movies to take cues from, because THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLACE TO SHELTER DURING A THUNDERSTORM!

Houses with turrets = bad idea to stay during thunderstorms. Horror Movie 101.

The door is, of course, open and you can clearly see the ugly wallpaper and gothic furnishings.

Fashion Forward

How does that keep you dry, Jessica?

Jessica is wearing a bizarre red velvet rain poncho, which is probably marginally better than chiffon at keeping her dry.

Logan starts a fire, as you do in someone’s abandoned home. Every flash of lightning is creeping Jessica out and finally she screams as she sees the people again. The woman is Barbara Babcock, who we just saw play Pam’s boss in Dallas! Oh, 70s, I love you!


Barton and Mariana (as I must call Barbara now) were out looking for Gavin and saw the solar vehicle earlier. Barton says Gavin will never be back, which sounds gothic and sad. They go off to fix sandwiches and our runners don’t trust him.

REM doesn’t trust the house and thinks everything is all like new, yet his computing says everything is 500 years old.

“This is just our breakfast nook. You should see the dining room.”

They eat at a long dinner table by candelabra. Mariana says they weren’t expecting anyone … in extremely Garbo-like phrasing. She claims Gavin will come back and Barton is getting angry.

I love this picture.

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door … is it … can it be …?

Everyone runs to the door, and Barton won’t let her open the door. When she does, there’s nothing there –  then Gavin speaks from behind them!

“I’m Gavin … Gavin Velour.”

Barton is surprised and Mariana overjoyed. The runners take this as their cue to skedaddle, but Gavin says their solar craft won’t have enough power to take them another 100 meters. He’s quite familiar with solar-powered vehicles he says.

REM and Logan head out to get some “stuff” from the solar vehicle. They can tell Gavin drained the remaining power and obvisously wants them to spend the night.

Fashion Forward

What all the well-dressed undead wear.

Gavin is wearing a crazy turtleneck tuxedo shirt/low cut tank top combo. To offset any potential questions about this crazy combo, he starts philosophizing about time. Hmmm…

It gets VERY deep as Gavin questions each one about what is and what might be. Mariana takes them upstairs and once again, they all get separate rooms. Nobody bones in this show and if I was on the run from the oppressive socio-political forces of the City of Domes, I’d be boning all the time, especially with Gregory Harrison.


There are spooky closeups of oil lamps and then Logan sneaks out of his room to go see Jessica. She wants to show him the bathtub and talk about hot water … but doesn’t invite him in. Hmmm … Jessica finally starts flirting and tells him she can’t imagine her life without him and he says he never cared about anyone before. He’s about to say the L word and it ain’t “Logan.”


No … he walks back to his room. WTF? Outside the window, Mariana fades into view and smiles.

In his room, we don’t see if Logan has a big tub, which is a shame. REM is using his magic spinny thing to scan his room. Logan finds a key and in the mirror, sees Gavin and someone in a coffin behind a big steel door which is OBVS what the key goes to.

“Mirror mirror, not on a wall – who’s got the creepiest house of all?”

Logan interrupts REM’s scanning. REM admits to “strange vibrations.” Very un-android-like. Logan tells him about his mirror visions. REM relays that his memory banks know about places like this … they are in a haunted house and haunted by “ghosts.”

I guess in a futuristic death-society where you have Carousel, ghosts probably aren’t the thing you get scared of, but come on! No one ever heard of ghost stories?

Asleep in her room, Jess receives a ghostly visit from Gavin and a rose on her pillow.

A Rose for Jessica?

Downstairs, Gavin confers with his creepy people. Gavin’s been all over the world looking for “the right one.” Jessica believes in the concept of a death for a birth, he explains and Mariana says the storm won’t last so they better hop to it.

To be fair, it IS a nice big bathtub.

In her room, Jessica hears Gavin’s voice telling her to follow him The first place she runs to is the bathtub. Obsessed much? Suddenly, she’s in a cave.

They couldn’t just teleport her before now?

REM is reading all the books, and says even mirrors can have a memory. This is an interesting concept. Suddenly, Gavin is there, surprising them. Logan tells him what they saw. Gavin tells them to get out. He has charged up the solar vehicle –  but Jessica isn’t coming with them.

Logan fires at Gavin and the beam goes right through him. GHOSTS! They run to Jessica’s room and they can’t find her. Because she’s in a cave!

Don’t cross the streams!

Back in Logan’s room, the mirror is smashed. REM deduces there must have been more secrets in the mirror Gavin didn’t want them to see. Logan somehow has the feeling the chamber he saw in the mirror was (wait for it …) underground. Good show, my dear Logan!

As Jessica wanders the caverns, Logan and REM find a way down to her level through the basement. Better hurry, guys! She’s found the coffin and a hand grabs her!

They have Satanists in the 24th century? Okay.

Gavin is chanting to the Prince of Darkness. Satan worshippers in the 24th century? They make a blood sigil on the corpse and Jessica is trapped between some candles. They want to use her as the vessel to bring back his bride. The Prince of Darkness gave them powers, but the cost was Gavin’s wife.

Jessica tries to escape, but Gavin teleports in front of her. They do have nice high black collars so when Mariana appears in front of Logan and REM and starts a storm, she looks nice and witchy.

“Zephyr winds which blow on high …”

REM says they need to fight fire with fire, which, unless they can hook up some magic powers, I’m not sure how they can fight these people.

Jessica realizes she has to agree to be sacrificed – but Gavin starts the ceremony anyway. She screams for Logan as they put a pentagram on her head. Gavin’s wife starts moving a pinky as they chant.

“Don’t shoot – she just came back to life!”

Logan and REM find the door and Logan uses the key. Good thing that fell out of the mirror in the second act! He heads in, and REM has to REMIND HIM TO USE HIS WEAPON. SMH.

OMG … he hasn’t lost his gun all episode!

REM tells him to fire at the coffin and suddenly, the three (four if you count his dead wife) are gone. They spend the night in the house, which, I’m not sure I could have done.  They head out into the sunlight and Jessica still doesn’t understand what happened.

Those meddling kids.

Meh. This episode never aired and I see why. Frankly, it’s uninspired and sci-fi often has a hard time with the supernatural –  though as we fade out, we see a window curtain on the top floor move aside. Oh, my.

The wind … or GHOSTS????

One out of five Sanctuary ankhs for me. Next week, though –  aliens AND Logan in a silver jumpsuit! I hope for the best, never having seen this unaired episode either! Until then … PEW PEW PEW!

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