"Broccoli ... Reginald Broccoli."

One question they are asking me a lot on radio shows is “Who’s your favorite Star Trek character?”

In 45 years, there were a ton of characters I related to, or admired. I wanted to be as badass as Kirk (or alternately, the outrageous Okona), smart as Guinan or have three arms like Lieutenant Arex.

But in reality, I was mostly like Broccoli – I mean, Barclay. Reg did with the holodeck what we all would. Admit it! We would have made our co-workers the losers in our battles, or fall in love with us. Barring the psychokinetic power of kironide, who could ask for anything else.

I tried to pepper the book with as many Barclay questions as I could. Even in a licensed trivia book, the author’s personality is going to come out. I even managed to legitimately put in the name of my favorite rock star into a question. I can’t wait to see who finds that first …

My second favorite character? Probably Spot … though Dr. Chaotica comes close …

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