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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 10: “Act of Love”

An odd title, for a Dallas episode, but what do I know? This episode turns up the heat between Sue Ellen and Cliff AND sets up the long-running subplot of who is John Ross’s daddy REALLY! As we shelter in place and sew masks out of chiffon, let’s travel back in time and sit a spell at SouthFork and enjoy the good ol’ days with the Ewings. Just another day in TV paradise. Jock’s been out ranchin’ and Miss Ellie’s waiting with some OJ. He…

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In Which I List The Ten Imaginary Places I Wish To Live

Whatever city I’ve lived in or visited, I felt it had a character. Some may not be as fully formed as others (but then, which characters are?) but as I live in Sin City and watch as it grows out from under the monopoly of the Strip and evolves into a community, I can’t help but compare our Earth cities to some of the paradises I’d rather move to … for example: Pern – Dragons. Telepathic dragons. That should be enough right there, but the rich descriptions…

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