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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 21: “Royal Marriage”

Lucy gets engaged … but not for long! It’s a very special afterschool special edition of Dallas! This newspaper and it’s Ewing-centric content! So, I don’t remember seeing this episode when it aired. I’d be surprised if my parents knew what was coming (homosexualism!) but I also wouldn’t be unsurprised. I applaud Dallas and Bobby’s character in particular for not treating it as any more scandalous than last week’s “Financier in Love Nest” headline. However, I feel like I would have remembered this if I…

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DALLAS- Season 2, Episode 13: “Kidnapped”

It’s the scruffy Bobby episode! Although, that does NOT look like real beard stubble. In this episode, Bobby gets kidnapped, the Ewings have to work with Cliff to get him back and Teresa is to blame for Lucy’s weight gain! Let’s head to the ranch, shall we? You don’t want this guy spying on you. Before breakfast a shady character is spying on the ranch. Given the problems they have had since the first season, you’d think the Ewings would beef up security a bit.…

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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 11: “Triangle”

Captain’s Log, stardate 1212.78. We’ve detected some sort of temporal rift that could get us out of the Delta Quadrant. However, it looks as though the rift only opens into one point in space and time … an Earth bar known as the Mustang Club in the 1970s. Our historical records of the time show the “Swinging Seventies” to be a time of loose secual morals(as defined by their more primitive society, not by our advanced standards) and petty infighting, even among families. To avoid…

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