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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 6: “Double Wedding”

Pam was married before Bobby? Oh, hell we better dive right in! Stop hiding behind that pillow! We start with Pam massaging Bobby, which I am not mad about. He points out that years on the road, followed by a short stint in the office, have not prepared his muscles for 14 hour days on the ranch. Imma point out, that nobody is MAKING you work 14 hours. I’m pretty sure Ray stays employed since no one WANTS to work 14 hours a day on…

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DALLAS – Season 1, Episode 5: “Barbecue”

I miss the 70s and its version of athleisure wear. After the distasteful events of last week’s episode, this starts out much better, with Bobby jogging in some short 70s gym shorts that wouldn’t be out of place in an International Male catalog.  Then it goes south quickly. The caterers are setting up and there is a horrible display of tokenism, as Tilly tells “Mistuh’ Bobby” that she’s been catering these things for 12 years and nobody’s gone hungry yet. WOW, Dallas, you are killing…

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