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Wonder Woman – Season 1, Episode 11: “Judgement From Outer Space, Part II”

Will Wonder Woman convince Andros that Earth deserves to live? Will Andros get his Unfortunate (but Powerful) Neckwear back from the Nazis?  Was this episode a lot of filler and was probably supposed to be one 90-minute episode instead of a two-parter? The answer to these questions and more as we recap “Judgement from Outer Space, Part 2!” “Wonder Woman to Council of Planets – One to beam the hell up.” To start off, this episode is FILLED with filler. It’s shorter than average, has a…

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DALLAS – Season Two, Episode 15: “For Love or Money”

The cat’s out of the bag … and J.R. finds out about Cliff and Sue Ellen –  and we see Kristin for the first time and it’s NOT the Kristin we’ll grow to love/hate. And we meet Sue Ellen’s golddiggin’ momma! Buckle up … the broncos are kickin’ down at the ranch! “Golddiggers ‘R Us … How can we find a sugar daddy for you today? It’s breakfast and  Sue Ellen’s mom calls. Ostensibly, she wants to visit SouthFork, but really, she wants to get…

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