I puttered around in junior high school, spending hours after school on rust-orange shag carpeting playing records on a mammoth stereo in the living room … until finally one day, I got my own record player. Now, I could listen to my records in privacy. I’d lock the door to my room, huddle over the heating and air conditioning vent by my window next to my bunk bed and scour the liner notes of my favorite albums.

Totally Hot wasn’t my favorite. Post Grease and pre-Xanadu, I tried to make myself like the other songs than weren’t hits. “Please Don’t Keep ME Waiting” was the one I liked best, though it was a little histrionic (not unlike 14-year-old me).

As I grew older, I appreciated this song more, and I’m on a big noir film kick right now … so I thought I would detective it up. Enjoy!

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