As the year winds down, and I look forward to a 2018 with a lot of optimism (and some nagging elbow pain), I thought I would list my goals for the year.  As I re-read the list, I realized it’s better with music and since there’s almost no song that works better for EVERYTHING than Meco’s version of The Empire Strikes Back … well, hit it, YouTube!

10) I will go through my old data CDs and see if I have all the photos, songs, old embarrassing short stories on them and then break them.

9) I will scan at least 10 pages a day of old journals, digitizing them and then burning the old notebooks, freeing up probably 20 cubic feet in the garage.

8) I will accept that I end up at the grocery store every day ANYWAY and buy the healthy stuff I don’t buy  now, because the past has proven to me if I buy celery Monday for Friday, by Friday I need pizza to stuff down the emotional traumas of the week, so the celery wilts and I feel guilty.

7) I will not look at political websites or go down Twitter rabbit holes in disbelief that people are that stupid – they can’t be right, they have to be Russian bots, RIGHT?

6) I will sell a comic book script. I’m #lookingatyou, everyone I know in the industry. Don’t make me  not keep my resolution!

5) I will e-publish my novel. No, really. I was busy this year. Really busy.

4) I will not miss yoga class, not even if  Meco comes out of retirement for one show only.

3) I will remember to be grateful – for everything from the unseasonal warmth of the sun in Nevada as I lay in my hammock, to the unexpected photo delights Mocha Jesus leads my way.

2) I will drop one resolution and feel okay about it (I’m #lookingatyou, celery).

1) I will play Meco in my head every time I start to worry, and change that neural pathway so I am the most chill motherfucker on the planet.

Good luck everybody in 2018!

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