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2018 Resolutions (That I Will Break By The Time You Read This)

As the year winds down, and I look forward to a 2018 with a lot of optimism (and some nagging elbow pain), I thought I would list my goals for the year.  As I re-read the list, I realized it’s better with music and since there’s almost no song that works better for EVERYTHING than Meco’s version of The Empire Strikes Back … well, hit it, YouTube! 10) I will go through my old data CDs and see if I have all the photos, songs,…

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In Which I Search For My Lost Downward Dog, Part I

I didn’t expect to fall so hard in love with hot yoga, but there you are. I start drinking coffee at 4:30 am to make it to 6am class. This is love at its purest and most caffeinated. This is my 3/4ths of my excuse for going to bed at 9. The other 1/4 is NOT because I’m the same age my dad was when I started calling him an “antique.” I’m not sure a comfort zone exists where I would come to class in just my…

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