15 Days of ONJ – Tied Up

I know I am skipping around the ONJ timeline a bit. Still, “Tied Up” is one of my all-time favorite songs. It came out on her Greatest Hits, Volume 2 album as one of two new songs. I’d hoped to hear it in concert when I saw her in Charlotte, but she didn’t sing it. […]

15 Days of ONJ – A Little More Love

Another one off of the Totally Hot album. While I liked “Deeper Than The Night” more when I was younger, this one grew on me. The no-win scenario is one we all faced (unless we’re Captain Kirk, of course) and I really love this song.   Guest starring … Manny the Manequin and Grits The […]

15 Days of ONJ – Deeper Than The Night

I puttered around in junior high school, spending hours after school on rust-orange shag carpeting playing records on a mammoth stereo in the living room … until finally one day, I got my own record player. Now, I could listen to my records in privacy. I’d lock the door to my room, huddle over the […]

15 Days of ONJ – Let Me Be There

The first two ONJ songs I remember were “Let Me Be There” and ” If You Love Me (Let Me Know)” which featured the bass backup vocals of Mike Sammes. While I loved ONJ, those background backup vocals ingrained both songs into my memory. I usually have to do these videos alone, but sometimes, with […]

15 Days of ONJ – Don’t Stop Believin’

I made this two days before the massacre. Like 9/11 for New Yorkers, I think Vegas dwellers will always split their lives into pre- and post- October 1. I don’t mean to equate the two in terms of damage, lives lost, etc. But you feel differently in a lot of ways after terrorism or disaster […]

15 Days of ONJ! – Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)

I’m not sure why the first guy I was with insisted all gay guys have a diva. Perhaps in North Carolin in the early 80s, it was  some unwritten, but mandatory gay law. Having no clue what gay was supposed to be like at the age of 15, I spent hours in his mom’s apartment, […]

You Won’t Believe Where These Cheesy Music Videos Are Now!

Collected here as clickbait, obvs. Since I saw my first music videos on the old America’s Top Ten with Casey Kasem TV show (since I NEVER had MTV until I went to college), I was obsessed with music videos. To me are kind of the pinnacle of short-form storytelling. The soundtrack is catchy (usually) the narrative can […]

In Which I Voyage Through My Atlas of Stevie Nicks

“Sara” reminds me of our 2-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, staring out the metal framed windows on rainy afternoons waiting for Dad to come home. “Wild Heart” brings back the tiny loft apartment I stayed in one summer home from college, where I had no over or stove only a hot plate. “If Anyone Falls”  reminds […]

I Have Always Been A Storm …

Summer approaches … and that means, for me, it’s Stevie time. I’ve never been sure what made Stevie my particular diva. Certainly, Edge of Seventeen came right as I was on the edge of that age. MTV was in full force by the time Stand Back came out, and I twirled around on the harvest […]