Jiminy Christmas! A lot.

2500 questions is a lot. And I keep jokingly telling people, the only answer I can remember is how many Pop-Tarts I ate during the writing of the book.

I don’t even know that, really.

I was probably going through at least a box of 6 toaster pastries every couple of days. Considering it was about 6 months start to finish – that could be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2160.

I doubt it was that many, but during the crunch times before deadlines, I was hitting them hard. Let’s say at least 1,000.

It’s a wonder I don’t look like a Horta.

I don’t even eat Pop-Tarts now. Eventually, the memory of the taste was better than the actually taste, and I just couldn’t eat them anymore. And my waistline thanks me for that!

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