It’s almost like the Dunder Mifflin Orientation Manual.

That’s what I say, at least.

Despite the wealth of action figures I display, I have only three bobbleheads. That right there should disqualify me.

Anyway, The Office Book of Lists is on sale! Head to your favorite bookstore and purchase numerous copies!

It was a lot of fun to write this, though a bit more daunting than I first thought. There were so many topics to make lists for, it was like “How do I NOT make a list of this?”

Then, there were topics I was SURE there was enough examples to make lists for, and there weren’t. #humbling.

I am gushing over the design of the book. I’ve been very lucky to have great designs on everything I’ve written, but since I have spent so much of my life in corporate America, using post-it notes and paper clips as a theme resonates with me.

Anyway … I hope everyone checks it out and enjoys it. If not, I’ll be sending Mose after you.

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