1. Dinosaurs have always been one of my top three favorite things.p0368h86
  2. I will see almost anything with dinosaurs. This means I sit through a lot of bad movies and TV shows.
  3. The first book I wrote (age 5) was simply 10-notebook pages stapled together composed of pretty much word-for-word plagiarism of the dinosaur entries from the Childcraft Encyclopedia.
  4. I apologize for my part in the extinction of encyclopedias.
  5. Dinosaurs are now our gasoline. This makes me sad, that I am making exhaust out of a triceratops.
  6. On the other hand … my car is powered by dinosaur.
  7. The Museum of Life and Science where I grew up had a dinosaur trail in the woods. Birthday parties there were better than Jurassic Park. Thanks to great person who put this on Pinterest!
  8. I fantasize about traveling in time to the Cretaceous Period, but reptiles actually freak me the heck out. I’m pretty sure I would panic if I saw real dinosaurs.
  9. I was more sad about Brontosaurus being renamed Apatosaurus than I was about losing Pluto’s planetary status.
  10. My grandmother kept a set of these at her house and they were one of my favorite toys. I had them team up according to color.71N9zeh3uaL._SL1500_
  11. Now it sounds like I was being racist.
  12. In my dream life, I live on an island inhabited by dinosaurs that are intelligent and can talk to me somehow. I also get to ride them, especially the pterodactyls.
  13. Mario Lopez is also the dinosaurs’ trainer and wears little more than a Speedo, so my dream life is obviously somewhat arrested in its development.

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