1. My first Doctor was Tom Baker. I watched episodes on PBS and my eighth-grade self was stunned that the lead character on a TV show could  be replaced by another actor.
  2. Clearly, I had forgotten Darren Stephens.
  3. My favorite Doctor is Five, but in the Big Finish audios, it tends to be Six.#5
  4. I loved Five and his crew. As my parents’ marriage fell apart during my teen years the Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric became my escape family.
  5. If I had the TARDIS for one day, I would take Tim Gunn back to the 80s and fix this:sixth-doctor-6
  6. It makes me 23% less angry in daily life  to pretend the Matt Smith years never happened.
  7. I ran into David Tennant in the hotel at ComiCon and blurted out “I love you.” No context, no anything . Celebs & me=awkward. He was extremely gracious and didn’t call security.
  8. I wonder if the Queen has seen any episodes of Doctor Who.
  9. I could watch Derek Jacobi realize he is the Master about 14,247 times and not get tired of that moment.
  10. I wanted to become a newspaper reporter because of Clark Kent, but I wanted to become an investigative journalist because of Sarah Jane Smith.
  11. I’ve never supported them, but I owe PBS a LOT of money for introducing me to this show.
  12. I fully support casting a woman or person of color as the next Doctor.
  13. But then it’s MY turn.


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