In Which I Outline The Drops In My Bucket List

While I wait patiently for science to get into gear and develop clone bodies so that I A) never die and B) can fix this persistent tennis elbow, I have been reflecting on those achievements I have yet to … achieve. Write a comic book. I continue to work towards this and one day know it will happen. […]

In Which I Think About Doctor Who

My first Doctor was Tom Baker. I watched episodes on PBS and my eighth-grade self was stunned that the lead character on a TV show could  be replaced by another actor. Clearly, I had forgotten Darren Stephens. My favorite Doctor is Five, but in the Big Finish audios, it tends to be Six. I loved Five […]

To Boldly Blog Where Lots Of Blogs Have Blogged Before …

Things I Think About When Reading Old School Star Trek Books If  outer space doesn’t look like these 1970’s painted covers, I’m not sure I’m interested in going. I like the idea of being a “friend of Star Trek” even more than being a fan. Being a Trekkie in the 70s WAS like being in a […]

What I Think About At The Gym

1. I hate coming here. 2. I want to swim, but I got sick the last two times I went in that pool. Those old people’s germs and diseases probably leap off them as they do those stupid waterobics. 3. Do they really need 36 giant TV screens in here? I don’t want to be […]

In Good Company

Saw my STAR TREK: PHASER book at Barnes & Noble next to the Doctor Who and Superman books! So exciting! I’d love to do a mini-book kit for Who, so perhaps the licensed publishing gods will be kind!