While I wait patiently for science to get into gear and develop clone bodies so that I A) never die and B) can fix this persistent tennis elbow, I have been reflecting on those achievements I have yet to … achieve.

    1. Write a comic book. I continue to work towards this and one day know it will happen. However, any comic I write would simply be a stepping stone towards my ultimate goal  – to see my thrilling, hilarious and politically relevant outline for a 4-issue Matter-Eater Lad mini-series come to fruition.
    2. Go inside the pyramids. I want to see if I actually feel any sort of pyramid power. The Luxor hotel doesn’t count –  all I’ve felt in there is a desire to see Blue Man Group.
    3. Get some abs. I was so close when I was playing rugby. However, my current diet staples of ice cream and as much pizza as is socially acceptable mean I may have to pass on this one.
    4. Meet Tina Turner. You KNOW she has some stories to tell. I imagine she is like this radiant zen-like being you admire and want to emulate, but could still be saucy after a few glasses of cabernet. I am dying to know what she thought about that chain metal dress she wore in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.
    5. Stand up from a wheel pose. See #3. I have watched people do this in yoga and it blows my mind. I know I will get there someday. Right after this pint of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

6. Read Gravity’s Rainbow. Almost every year, Suze and I put this on our resolutions.  I feel confident it has life-changing revelations about the human condition that will enhance my life. One day we will get through this.7. Perform a cabaret set. I don’t live in New York, I’m not that great a singer and my song choices would not be standards. Still, it’s on the list, so watch out world – my kitchen can not contain this live performance much longer!
8. Write an episode, book or audio play of Doctor Who. I would prefer to BE the 13th or 14th Doctor, but that seems more unrealistic than meeting Tina Turner. However, there are still some Adric stories left to tell, my friends. I am ready to tell them. Yes, indeed.

9. See the Aurora Borealis. This has long been a dream and now that I actually understand the physics behind it, I’m even more interested in seeing it.10. Visit Greece. I need to see all these ruins. I have been fascinated by the Greek myths since I was kid, and I want to go make some small offerings to Poseidon, my fave Greek god. And Hermes, my second fave. And Dionysus, my third fave.

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