In Which I Outline The Drops In My Bucket List

While I wait patiently for science to get into gear and develop clone bodies so that I A) never die and B) can fix this persistent tennis elbow, I have been reflecting on those achievements I have yet to … achieve. Write a comic book. I continue to work towards this and one day know it will happen. […]

Do we need another hero?

In moving forward in a couple of writing projects, I have been stalled several times and found myself asking,”Why? Why now? Why now, when I clearly need to get some things finished, become rich and famous and buy the house next door so I can knock it down and make a two-story pool that gets […]

What I Think About At Concerts

1. Where does the guy with his face covered in tattoos work? Probably not at an accounting firm. 2. What are they really doing backstage while the opening act is on? 3. Can that drink on the ledge of the balcony fall on me? 4. Good grief, there’s a lot of Misfits t-shirts. 5. I […]