1. Both neighbors have garage sales going on today.  Odd.
  2. I would go look at their stuff, but we don’t really know them. My first real interaction shouldn’t be buying crap they want to get rid of.
  3. Someone is considering buying that framed bunch of candy wrappers.
  4. OK, I don’t need to see any more of their stuff.
  5. First bike ride of the year – short but deliciously warm.
  6. I wonder if I can go all weekend without driving?  I can get to yoga, but getting two coffees tomorrow would be tricky.
  7. What the hell am I doing taking voice lessons at my age? Am I suddenly going to start fronting a Fleetwood Mac cover band? (Note to self: Investigate this)

    I'll be the one in the shawl ...
    I’ll be the one in the shawl …
  8.  Reading in the sun never gets old, despite my age.
  9. I just think about skin cancer more.
  10. I found great books in a box in the closet and now don’t want to do anything but dive into my nostalgic teen years all day.

    I read that Dallas and Star Trek book so much growing up, I can feel the shag carpet on my knees right now
  11. I love Joe Satriani albums. I do wonder what his concerts are like. It’s not like he can yell out “Okay, everyone  – you know the words!”
  12. Perhaps I can front Joe Satriani’s band.
  13. It will be Saturday night in Vegas tonight – we should do something wild and age-inappropriate.
  14. Except we are binging on The Newsroom.
  15. I am thinking about age a lot today.
  16. I really need to get in the garage and throw shit out.
  17. Not today.

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