1. Oh shit … I feel that clenched sensation in my neck.
  2. Stay calm.
  3. On the tipping point of a bad headache – first in months. dt_141229_migraine_headache_brain_800x600
  4. Sinus spray. Motrin and Excedrin. Spot vibrator plugged in.
  5. Nothing’s working. Breathing slowly until I almost see purplish bars behind my eyes that are probably hyperactive nerve endings.
  6. It’s 1:09 am. I am wide awake. My head pulses with that buried dull pain.
  7. Scalding hot shower. Blissful few minutes of painlessness.
  8. Pain blooms above eyebrow again. Vibrator to the temples and brow.
  9. TV on. Ice pack. Thank god for a whole season of 30 Rock.
  10. Can’t even look at the TV screen. Fitfully listen to snatches of dialogue.
  11. 3:12 am. Second shower. Towel’s too wet to dry me properly.
  12. Vibrator sounds so loud, like its shaking the whole house. Hitting the rounded tip right next to my nose causes such intense tickling I start weeping out of the eye most in pain.
  13. 4:26 am . Third shower. Have to be able to get to work this morning. Second round of Motrin and Excedrin.
  14. 7:45 am. Must have fallen asleep for at least an hour, as I am well near the end of Season One of 30 Rock.
  15. “Muffin Top” keeps playing in my head.de6b1729213f1bbfa889080752a4864f
  16. Coffee. Pain seems to be receding.
  17. 9:00 am. Real shower to get ready. Exhausted but pain-free.
  18. For now.

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