Okay … I’ve never been one for yard art. I mean, if I was fabulously wealthy (I mean, when I become fabulously wealthy) and my sculpted gate painted to look like a TARDIS needs two cave trolls to open it … then I’m going to have a yard worthy of some yard art.

Luckily, I’ve already found some.

I’m only recently discovering the cult of the Brony (the tribe of mostly straight guys who unironically like My Little Pony) but this would no doubt be the envy of my new Brony pals …

No, seriously ... I want this. It's only $1600.


I also have to plug MLP producer Lauren Faust’s NEWEST effort, the charming Super Best Friends

I dashed off a text to my college bud, Complain-A-Lot Lass with this pic – We used to drunkenly worship at the altar of St. Mary of the Cacti when we discovered a homemade shrine to her in North Carolina – and now, time zones away, someone else has the same idea!

"Hail Mary, full of needles ... blessed is the fruit of your prickly spines ..."

This one is what I’d like to claim I am … a stalking tigre … but even on Kung Fuesday, I am usually more of a skulking¬†gato

Can you feel the love tonight?


and finally, for my chaplain brother, guardian of all things inappropriate (like my life), an avenging angel!

Serra Angel? Sorry, Magic: The Gathering reference ...


So, tonight’s Kung Fuesday feature looks like the 200y Beowulf. Not very Shaolin, to be sure – but I need to get it back to Netflix at some point …

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