We went hiking up Mountain’s Edge, which was perfect for me and my slowly un-smooshing foot. It’s been a month since my motorcycle fell on my foot DURING THE TEST DRIVE and I’m still having some issues walking normally.

And yes, I still bought the thing. Yay for mid-life crises!

As Mountain’s Edge could also be called “Large Hill Next To A Playground,” it was just right for me to hike up and down. It was fun, and some nice views of Sunrise Mountain and Black Mountain and of course, of the Strip.

Being such a small hill, it’s hard to mentally play the music from Lord of the Rings in your mind and pretend you’re scaling Mount Doom. You can, however, pretend it’s Mount Minor Annoyance, but the swelling theme music does feel like overkill.

At street level, we found this mysterious message scrawled on the sidewalk.

Was it the entrance to the mines of Moria? Had Falco been here filming a music video from beyond the grave? Who is … what is … Odd Future Wolfgang?

You’ll see it didn’t prevent the enjoyment of my afternoon coffee.

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