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The Ten Things I Love Most About American Ninja Warrior

I am a more than a little obsessed with this show. ┬áIt was crazy to hear some of my friends were, too. Since we live 7 miles from Mount Midoriyama (AKA the empty lot across from Mandalay Bay), a few years ago, we got audience tickets and saw some of the USA vs. The World filming. I remain obsessed to this day, and here’s why … 10. Obvs, the shirtless guys. From Lance Pekus to that hot Russian bug exterminator we never saw again to…

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The Top 11 Reality Shows I Would Have No Business Being On

Let’s face it – I don’t care how much scripted TV you binge on, you watch SOME reality TV. I’ve come to peace with that. I once tried out for Nashville Star and didn’t get on (I couldn’t even see the judges from the stage, and in fact pretty much all memory of my audition is blanked from my mind – it was that bad). So I learned my lesson. Whatever celebrity is to come my way, it won’t be from reality TV (unless they…

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