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DALLAS – Season Two, Episode 8: “Election”

But IS Barnes the best? Oohh, this episode is a bit TOO relevant. I wonder if I should have waited until November for this one! It’s time for Cliff Barnes to try his hand at politics and get knocked down by the Ewings when a secret from his past comes back to haunt him. Let’s dive back into the Coronavirus-free 1970s and enjoy this week’s DALLAS recap! Jock, Bobby and J.R. (which, until you type it a hundred times, you don’t realize how irritating a…

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Logan’s Run – Season 1. Episode 11: “Carousel”

With only three episodes left, it’s gotta be all Pensive Francis, all the time … Oh, snap! Logan’s got amnesia and he’s pulling his gun on Jessica … after she finally attempts to seduce him! Will we finally see our favorite Sandman get it on? Find out as we travel into the post-coronavirus future of Logan’s Run –  PEW PEW PEW! A sea of chiffon … We see the solar car speeding through some fields and it skids a bit. Despite the string-heavy, cheerful background…

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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 6: “Double Wedding”

Pam was married before Bobby? Oh, hell we better dive right in! Stop hiding behind that pillow! We start with Pam massaging Bobby, which I am not mad about. He points out that years on the road, followed by a short stint in the office, have not prepared his muscles for 14 hour days on the ranch. Imma point out, that nobody is MAKING you work 14 hours. I’m pretty sure Ray stays employed since no one WANTS to work 14 hours a day on…

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