With only three episodes left, it’s gotta be all Pensive Francis, all the time …

Oh, snap! Logan’s got amnesia and he’s pulling his gun on Jessica … after she finally attempts to seduce him! Will we finally see our favorite Sandman get it on? Find out as we travel into the post-coronavirus future of Logan’s Run –  PEW PEW PEW!

A sea of chiffon …

We see the solar car speeding through some fields and it skids a bit. Despite the string-heavy, cheerful background music, they are being pursued by Francis and his “distressingly obstinate attitude” towards our fave runners. This episode is co-written by D.C. Fontana of Star Trek fame and so hopefully this is a boss episode.

The solar vehicle stops. Have they run out of sunlight? No, the solar banks are full and Jessica gets the second-best line in the whole series so far – “How can we fix something that isn’t broken?” This needs to be on a t-shirt for SO many people.

Amazingly, he holds on to his gun.

Worried about Francis’ impending arrival, they head out of the car into the forest, where Logan is promptly hit by a dart by some camouflaged people in bushes. As he staggers to the ground, REM and Jessica are beamed away.

“In the land of the lost (lost/lost/lost …)”

They end up in a spooky, misty-yet-colored room. Another person beams in, skeleton-first and coalesces into Darren, who’s here representing a “higher authority.”

Fashion Forward

Is the Higher Authority a pyramid scheme?

Darren’s triangular shirt-front design is kind of cool, so I am curious to what the Higher Authority may be wearing.

Logan was shot down with a “memory warp” and is “in transit” like an Amazon package. Why aren’t Jessica and REM in transit? Only Logan had a weapon.

Now. Given that we have seen EPISODE AFTER EPISODE of how Logan barely hold onto his weapon for more than five minutes at a time … this is ironic to say the least.

REM, you are NOT the one I want to see pull down his shirt.

Jessica pleads that they are no danger and REM has to point out (by pulling down his shirt) that he is an android and no memory warp would affect him. Allow me to introduce you to a magnet, REM.

Why can we see his bones?

Darren leaves to chat with a Higher Authority.

Logan wakes up and is all confused. Sometimes I think writers in the 70s who needed to fill out, say, two and a half minutes of screen time, just gave a character amnesia to have them look blankly at stuff. Which is what happens here.

“It burns!!!”

Thankfully, Francis arrives. There’s a brief showdown, with Logan wondering what Francis is doing out here, why he is on the Outside of the City of Domes and what year it is.

“It’s 2319 … and coronavorus killed all the chiffon-wearers.”

According to Francis, this has been going on for at least a year. WOW. They have clearly been going around in circles. Logan is more than happy to come back to the City. Francis’s new partner spills the beans that Logan was a runner. He finds it hard to believe. Francis says until they take him back and get him truth-scanned, he can’t give Logan his weapon back WHICH HELLO! IT’S AN EPISODE OF LOGAN’S RUN, HE WOULD NEVER HOLD ONTO IT!

Logan looks off pensively and Francis manfully pats his shoulder. Awww.

This whole bony sequence made no sense.

Darren comes back. He’s going to let REM and Jessica go. He does mention Logan’s headed back with Francis. Jessica makes Darren send them back to save Logan.


Meanwhile, back in the City of Domes and its teeny-tiny monorails, Logan is under house arrest as Francis drinks and watches Logan pace. His apartment is the same one we saw in Episode 2.

Francis reminds him they were the best team in the city. Logan wants to say hello to someone named Sheila. Francis bets it will be a long hello. Oh my, Logan, you slutty Sandman.

Jessica and REM enter the City through what is probably the sewer system of the old part of the City. We spend a good minute of them trotting through dusty, cobwebby tunnels until we cut back to Francis and the Council of Olds Who Run The City.

I feel like I’ve lived my whole life reporting to the Council of Olds.

Francis believe in Logan again. The Olds don’t trust it, as it’s a bit convenient. The Olds decree he must undergo two tests –  the Truthscan and testify that he was wrong at Carousel. This makes Francis super-happy.

Jessica comes down an escalator which looks to be a huge mall filled with chiffon-wearing people and Sandmen. I’m not sure why chiffon is the fabric of choice in the future but here we are.

Is this filmed at the Chiffon Galleria?

Jess runs into an old friend who already heard the rumor that Logan left Jessica for dead on the outside.

The Truthscan has some flashy-lights and buzzes that sound more like a game of Operation. Logan passes all the Truthscan tests.

I want to know what those blue things actually do.

Jessica and REM meet her resistance friends. These open shirt chiffon things on the men should feel sexy, but the metallic collars really detract. They don’t say anything that advances the plot, so let’s move on.

More Unfortunate Neckwear Choices®

Logan gets teleported to a computer room. He reiterates his oaths and beliefs as a Sandman. The Council of Olds are still not convinced. The Head Old reveals the plan has not changed –  after Logan testifies, he will die in Carousel!

Unless you give us … ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

REM and the runners plan how to save Logan. Jessica says the Sandmen have a description of her. I’m sorry, blonde woman wearing chiffon is going to be a LOT of people in this mall future. REM wants Jessica to seduce Logan to see how amnesiac.

Jessica disputes that she can’t just got up to her friend and make love to him and REM claims if doing it to a friend doesn’t work, then this “human activity” doesn’t make sense at all. I’ll leave that for everyone to unpack on their own …

That is some low-cut chiffon, buddy.

Logan and Francis wade through the chiffon-clad horde. Someone calls out to Logan and it’s Sheila … played by Melody Anderson who played Dale Arden in the classic 1980s Flash Gordon film! WOW! There is intense flirting going on and Sheila plans to drop by later for a drink.

Suddenly, Logan starts flashing on an image of Jessica … because blondes in chiffon, obviously.  A few minutes later, Logan and Francis chase after a runner. Logan tries to shoot him, but can’t. Francis nails the runner in a burst of burnt chiffon.

This is NOT how you treat fabric, Francis!

Now Francis is worried … and so is Logan. Logan heads home to find two extremely green drinks on the table and Jessica in a new hairstyle and dress. “Jeri” or “Geraldine-4” (the fake name she doesn’t like) comes on strong and she and Logan drink.

I want that bizarre egg sculpture.

They have a sip and they are ready to make out. Suddenly, she breaks the kiss. She wants to be all honest and keep him from testifying. She breaks the news that he ran with her. He’s about to shoot her, but lets her run away. I’m stunned there is no surveillance of his apartment –  not that they could hear over the dramatic, brooding background music.

How did Jessica change her hair so quickly?

REM and the Runners (totally my new band name) wait for Jessica to come back –  and apparently change her hairstyle and clothes back. They plan to “take care” of Logan before Carousel –  kidnap him and hide him in the old city. The Runners don’t plan to go with Jessica and REM  –  they have to stay and spread the revolution. ALL OF THEM?

REM wishes he could go with her, but she states he isn’t dressed for it –  what, androids can’t wear chiffon?

“Misty water-colored memorieeeeees …”

Meanwhile, Logan starts remembering past episodes. He looks in the mirror that also starts mentally broadcasting past episodes. Francis comes to collect Logan for testimony. Logan leaves a message device taped to his mirror.

“Obi-Wan … you’re our only hope …”

Jessica and the runners get to Logan’s too late. Jessica plays the message tape. Logan’s memory is back and he says goodbye – he will use his time to give testimony to tell the truth about the outside, even though they will kill him for it.

How does this …

Right before Logan and Francis get to the Assembly, Jessica shows her face. Francis tries to shoot her, but her runner friends come up from behind and knock him out. Panic ensues over one knocked-out Sandman?

… cause a Chiffon Panic?

Logan and Jessica bolt for the Old City and find REM. Francis wakes up and is pissed. He is close behind them. Logan stays behind to deal with Francis and makes Jessica go ahead. Come on, Jess –  Logan will lose his gun during their showdown and then somehow still get away. It’s fine.

Now who’s ironic?

Logan manages to trick Francis and take his gun! WOW! They argue that while Sanctuary doesn’t exist outside, Life does.

Awwww ….

They get away to the air car and they discuss what Logan remembers … even Jeri kissing him. AWWWWWWW!!!

Four out of five Sanctuary Ankhs. I’m not sure I’d want to live in a world of chiffon, but it was fun to visit, and I’m still not sure where the whole Higher Authority played into, but perhaps that’s all of us with regard to higher authority. Until next week. –  PEW PEW PEW!

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