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Wonder Woman – Season One, Episode 3: “Fausta, The Wonder Woman”

Oh my! With her magic lasso and belt captured by Fausta, a Nazi who is NOT AT ALL a Wodner Woman as the title implies, it looks like Diana has no way out … and it’s Steve Trevor to the rescue! You can tell she’s evil because of the black cape. Fausta Grables, who she is happy to let you know is a 1936 Olympics winner, heads to a secret Nazi headquarters. I’m not really sure who they were being secretive from in Berlin ……

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“You … shall not … pass!”

Ahh, Kung Fuesday … perhaps my favorite day of the week! Today was pretty challenging. The internet was down all day at work. And I didn’t get much sleep, and during one radio interview, my phone cut out twice (thanks, AT&T :P) I’d missed kung fu the last two weeks – i was out of town and then sick. So, as with all things inertia-related, it was super-tough to go tonight. But I rallied. And this was my reward … I got a staff! How…

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