Ahh, Kung Fuesday … perhaps my favorite day of the week!

Today was pretty challenging. The internet was down all day at work. And I didn’t get much sleep, and during one radio interview, my phone cut out twice (thanks, AT&T :P)

I’d missed kung fu the last two weeks – i was out of town and then sick. So, as with all things inertia-related, it was super-tough to go tonight. But I rallied. And this was my reward …

"You ... shall not ... pass! "

I got a staff! How rockin’ is that? Watch out, Gandalf!

The basic moves in kung fu are still hard. I feel as clumsy as I did learning rugby. We have a great shifu (that’s “teacher” I certainly didn’t know that) but it remains highly frustrating to see people in my class doing Crouching Tiger-type stuff and I’m still trying to kick my left hand with my right foot and spin around.

But getting my own staff to work with was nothing short of empowering (no, I wasn’t able to cast even a first-level magic-user spell with it – and I was really trying!). I felt less awkward with the staff.

So, as crappy as the day was, it ended nicely.

I just hope my best friend, Mr. Google, decides to come back and play at the office tomorrow.


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