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DALLAS — Season Two, Episode 16: ” Julie’s Return”

Is Jock having an affair? Did J.R. forge his daddy’s will? Are we about to see what’s REALLY in the Red File, once and for all?!?! Let’s saddle up and down to SouthFork! Décor For Gold Diggers, By Julie Grey We don’t waste any time building up Julie’s reappearance. She’s on the phone to Victor at the Cattleman’s Club asking him to tell her the next time Jock comes to lunch. Did people do this sort of thing? Was a maitre’ d expected to give…

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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 12: “Fallen Idol”

A shopping mall on SouthFork? Bobby betrayed by an old friend? J.R. and Pam having lunch at the country club ??? Has 1970s World become as crazy as our own coronavirus times? Let’s head out to the South 40 and see how the Ewings fare in this week’s Dallas recap! It’s how I thought I would be one day … looking out at the city making ruthless deals. As J.R. deals with some worried oilmen on the phone, Bobby decides he can’t wait anymore for…

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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 4: “Bypass”

It’s the Jock has a heart attack episode! Pay attention, J.R.! For me, this was when Dallas truly started sinking its hooks into me. I loved it up until now, but when Jock had a heart attack, we moved into the type of soap opera tropes that General Hospital weaned me on. If only Bobby and Pam had gone on the run and looked for the Ice Princess! Also, J.R. starts really coming into his own. With all the family set-up of the first season…

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