My 10 Favorite Things at ComiCon This Year

After 20 or so years of going to ComiCon, it is easy to get a little jaded. I fear that happened to me over the last few years, so this time, I made the effort to see things with fresh eyes and have a better attitude. Thus, I have 10 things I found delightful (in […]

What I Think About at Comic Conventions

1) Just once, I wish a comic con would make the wristbands look like Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets. 2) My spending limit today is $40. This is final. 3) They made a Dazzler statue?!? 4) How do I not have that already? 5) See # 2 above. Sad face.

What I Think About At The Gym

1. I hate coming here. 2. I want to swim, but I got sick the last two times I went in that pool. Those old people’s germs and diseases probably leap off them as they do those stupid waterobics. 3. Do they really need 36 giant TV screens in here? I don’t want to be […]