1) Just once, I wish a comic con would make the wristbands look like Wonder Woman’s magic bracelets.20131001-135226.jpg
2) My spending limit today is $40. This is final.
3) They made a Dazzler statue?!?
4) How do I not have that already?
5) See # 2 above. Sad face.

6) I’m depressed seeing all the artists with no action at their booths.
7)I’m more depressed by the genre TV celebs with no one wanting their autographs.
8) Not depressed enough to give them $40 for an autograph, though.
9) Is there an inverse ratio of the detail and crafting of the costume to the body fat percentage of the cosplayer?
10) I just realized I have only ever willingly gone to one panel- it was the Farscape panel years ago and Ben Browder jumped out from e audience two rows behind me, so … Worth it.
11) Come to think of it, my default haircut is still the John Chrichton.
12) I hate exclusives mainly because I never get them.
13) I want those Zan and Jayna exclusives, but I can’t say ” Wonder Twin powers … Activate! Form of – $70 US dollars!”
14) maybe the limit could be $60 today though.
15) With all the people I know in this industry, how have I still never written a comic book?
16) Now, I am even more depressed.
17) Those Metal Men exclusives might cheer me up.
18) All these people are just buying what their parents wouldn’t get them when they were kids.
19) That is something I can say with some authority.
20) I so love the “relevant” 70s issues of Marvel and DC.
21) Sub-Mariner #38! Whoo-hoo!url
22) Now, I only need 17 more issues to complete my Sub-Mariner collection.

23) I’m almost finished with Master of Kung Fu and Werewolf By Night, too.

24) Oh, my God- Am I going to run out of Bronze Age series to collect?
25) What do I do then? I can’t go the the 80’s! Who will I be, if not the lovable connoisseur of the wacky 70’s storylines and generic art? Do I have to branch out into horror and mystery comics? What is wrong with me? Why didn’t I do some sports and go outside as a kid?

26) Fuck this- I work hard- I deserve those Wonder Twins action figures.
27) And the Dazzler statue!
28) OK- let’s not get crazy.
29) What if I wrote a comic where Subby teamed up with Shang-Chi to catch The Werewolf By Night, and once they had him, they tied him up and then his bulging, furry muscles strained against the ropes and Subby lay his strong hands against his chest to calm him …
30) Oh. Maybe THAT’S why I’ve never written comics.

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