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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 7: “Runaway”

Can you even play, Lucy? Wow. What a week. With the global news and the COVID outbreak so dire, I have one bright spot –  this week’s Dallas recap. And it may be the second or third best episode ever! Better than “Who Shot J.R.?” you ask? Did that episode have a van with a total shag carpet interior? Nope. Did it have Lucy wanting a band called the Coffins playing at her birthday party? No, it did not. Did it have Greg Evigan as…

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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode #: “Reunion, Part 2”

Is J.R. wearing the same damn safari outfit? Welcome back to the reunion of Gary #1 (aka, NOT Real Gary Ewing, as played late by Ted Shackleford) and his family. After a quick recap of last week’s events (which I won’t recap my own recap here, because then we get into a meta-spiral we’ll never escape), let’s dive right in. Poor Gary #1. We open with Pam and Maggie at the drunk ward of the hospital. They are there to see Digger, who is drying…

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DALLAS – Season 2, Episode 1: “Reunion, Part 1”

After the success of the mini-series, the next season of Dallas was quick to air. With most of the important parts of the Ewing mythology established, it’s no surprise that the season premiere brought in the only Ewing we hadn’t seen yet … Gary! Not the Real Gary. This, of course, is Gary #1, who gets quickly replaced by Real Gary in later episodes. Real Gary ends up being blonde, which makes Gary #1 even more odd, and makes me wonder if either Gary was…

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