Wow. Pretty cool first Friday…

I was tired after work and not even in the mood to go. I’m so glad I did. We did miss the actual burning of Lucky Lady Lucy, Las Vegas’ answer to Burning Man, but for me the ashes floating in the spotlight were nigh as cool as the big flamethrowers above the house music crowd.

Just the ashes ...

Click for ashy video

Afterwards, I avoided the deep-fried chocolate chip cookie dough (though the Southerner in me LONGS to try that) and we watched a bluesy hard rock band play on a tiny stage that sort of resembled a snake-oil salesman’s carriage.

Click for more fiery video

Vegas is not the cultural mecca somewhere like LA and NYC are … but you have to give it credit. It’s trying. My hat’s off to the First Friday people. It was an awesome event and I’m glad I dragged my tired ass off the couch to go see it!


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