Ahhh! It’s not a Dallas or Wonder Woman recap! What is going on?

I started writing about the Costumed Adventurers in college. They were called the Hero Brigade then, and EVERY! SENTENCE! ENDED! WITH! AN! EXCLAMATION! MARK!

Gimmicks. They’re exhausting.

I think about 10 years ago, I dusted them off, got rid of the INSANELY OFFENSIVE characters that my college self thought were edgy and cool, and because Moulin Rouge was swirling around in my brain, I somehow made it a musical.

I’ve been thinking ever since the pandemic started that I should post this and just see what anyone thinks. I licensed it under Creative Commons, which I love. Feel free to make some art of Stress Lass, Frat Boy or put music to the songs. I can’t do it, but someone should.

I’d love to hear your feedback. I can’t any more grim and gritty with super-heroes (I love The Boys, I do, but it’s my quota of grimdark for the decade), and since most of my life has been in the corporate sector, corporate heroes resonate with me.

Anyway … I’m thrilled to share my personal favorite heroes with you. Hope you enjoy!


Want to download it? Click on this one!

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