Hiked the Valley of Fire this weekend. While the valley is not constantly on fire, ringed by lava-spewing volcanoes as I had hoped, it was still mighty cool. And probably safer, as well.

The fire appellation comes from the huge, randomly jutting protuberances of reddish sandstone – in effect, it looks like fire frozen in mid-flame. 

Apparently, some giant heads were frozen as well ...

There’s also so petroglyphs in the frozen scarlet flames. It’s a little fascinating to stand there and try to figure out what these ancient people were trying to say – and why it was so important. to carve it into rock. My own interpretation was something along the lines of the people saw the sun, and built a ladder to reach up and touch (or block)  the sun to help (or prevent) it from growing (or killing) the plants.

"All your base are belong to us"???

Hard to translate out of context.

In our age of blogs, what will be left? What will future generations make of the zillions of words and e-glyphs we’ve left behind?

Let’s hope they have an easier time figuring out what we’re doing with our lives than we are …

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