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Hailing Frequencies Open, Part II

Another radio interview posted online, from Barry Morgan at CJAD. Thanks Barry! I have had such a great time talking to people, not just about the book, but about Trek in general. I know some people have problems talking on radio or TV. Self-absorbed ham that I am, I have NEVER had that problem. So all these interviews have been so much fun. I hope I do get to revisit with a lot of these people with another project, Trek-related or not, again.  

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Okay ... getting in Wired is seriously kind of cool!

Win a copy of Obsessed With Star Trek @!

Wow! How cool is that? Wired and Chronicle Books are offering Trekkies a chance to win a copy of the book on their site!   Answer three questions from the book and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win. You have until October 11, so click on the picture to go there, quick like an Andorian bunny! Mornings like this, when you wake up a little sore from a hard night of kung fu and shopping for dress shirts (come on – I…

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My favorite Star Trek character?

One question they are asking me a lot on radio shows is “Who’s your favorite Star Trek character?” In 45 years, there were a ton of characters I related to, or admired. I wanted to be as badass as Kirk (or alternately, the outrageous Okona), smart as Guinan or have three arms like Lieutenant Arex. But in reality, I was mostly like Broccoli – I mean, Barclay. Reg did with the holodeck what we all would. Admit it! We would have made our co-workers the…

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How many Pop-Tarts did it take to write this book?

Jiminy Christmas! A lot. 2500 questions is a lot. And I keep jokingly telling people, the only answer I can remember is how many Pop-Tarts I ate during the writing of the book. I don’t even know that, really. I was probably going through at least a box of 6 toaster pastries every couple of days. Considering it was about 6 months start to finish – that could be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2160. I doubt it was that many, but during the crunch…

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